Rest is essential. Sleeping at least 8 hours and doing it in good conditions allows us to face the day with energy. That is why it is so important to do everything possible so that the necessary conditions are met so that comfort and relaxation take over our bedroom.

With that objective in mind, I have encouraged myself to prepare this article, in which I share several tricks that will help you sleep better. They are not like taking a sleeping pill, but I assure you that any help counts. And even without a prescription!

Decorative Bedroom tricks that will allow you to sleep better

Do not skimp on the purchase of the mattress and pillow

Few investments are as important as the mattress or pillow that you will use every day to sleep. Do not spend so much on furniture or decoration and prioritize the quality of something that you will be grateful for every day you get up. Remember that both mattresses and pillows have a useful life for a few years, and that when the day to replace them comes, you have to do it without thinking twice. If we don’t, it is likely that we will start to have back pain and neck pain.

The size of the bed

Not only do we have to assess that the mattress and pillow guarantee us a good rest, but we must also look at the size of the bed, since if it is not big enough we can have back problems due to the discomfort that this can cause. . It should be large both in width and length, because it is not a plan that the feet go out underneath.

Be careful with the proportions

We all would like to have a huge bedroom, but unfortunately the square meters can be scarce and that means that we have to manage to have everything we need without eliminating passageways. Seeing that everything is very overloaded and that we can hardly access from one place to another in the bedroom can also affect our sleep. The good thing is to clear everything to the maximum and opt for a minimalist decorative style or close to what we understand as such.

Feng Shui also has something to say

You may not be a fan of what Feng Shui promulgates, but it never hurts to know that what it recommends is that the bed be the main element of the bedroom. In addition, it must not be aligned with the door or the windows, but it must be visible from the door. On the other hand, especially when it comes to a shared bed, it should have access from both sides.

Comfortable bedding

Another essential in any bedroom is bedding, which has a particularly relevant influence when the cold makes an appearance. It is true that design matters, but do not neglect the quality and comfort that sheets, duvets, etc. can offer. The Egyptian cotton is the best material to choose from , but logically is not exactly cheap. Hence, the most normal thing is to opt for pima cotton, although there are also other options such as linen (it is not cheap and is recommended in hot environments) or synthetic (cheap and durable, although not so comfortable).

Color therapy

Colors influence our mood and can make it more or less difficult for us to sleep. Light and soft colors are the most recommended, such as pastel. We must avoid intense colors and do not choose tones like orange, red or yellow, since instead of relaxing what they do is activate us.

A good scent can help you fall asleep

We love candles, which in addition to serving to decorate can help us sleep. How? Thanks to a series of aromas that, due to their properties, are able to facilitate the relaxation process that is so necessary. Aromatherapy is proven to work, and that’s where lavender and orange blossom stand out . In addition, sandalwood fights anxiety and both valerian and mandarin can help you find the relaxation you crave. The smell of paint and humidity do the opposite, so do your best to keep them at bay.

Tidy up the bedroom with your head

Your whole house should be tidy, the bedroom being one of the areas that most demand that responsibility of having everything in its place. On the other hand, it is a dangerous stay in that sense, since many times we take off our clothes to go to sleep and we fall into the temptation of accumulating them in a chair, for example. The same thing happens with accumulating a multitude of objects on the nightstand. Believe it or not, all this can affect you at bedtime, because disorder does not generate peace and tranquility , but rather the opposite. Get used to not leaving anything in the way and find a place for everything.

Don’t forget about cleaning

It is not nonsense and I am convinced that you have noticed. Cleaning the room well makes us sleep better , especially if we have any type of allergy to dust. Of course, you do not have to clean a few hours before going to sleep, since otherwise we run the risk that the dust is still floating, which can be a significant problem for people who suffer from allergies. The fact of having rugs, stuffed animals and other textiles make dust accumulate easily, so it must be taken into account if you have any type of rejection of these happy particles.

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