The concrete has been used as a coating for walls and floors in the interior we know for some time. Now, a new use that is being given this material is through the use of blocks , these blocks you can see a play, rectangular bricks, as you’ll discover below, can have many uses. It’s just a matter of your imagination and let fly sconces your creativity in furniture design that can be very functional as well as extremely decorative. Both inside and outside of your home. Want to check? Do not miss anything of what comes next.

10 Spectacular Ideas to Decorate with Concrete Blocks

Advantages of this material

concrete blocks is economical and very resistant . You can place blocks on these panels, shelves, mattresses, pallets … without any special attachment or adhesion because they endure the weight without moving. All this to create structures that will make your home purchase a very different atmosphere and a slightly industrial feel but, despite the apparent coldness of this material, very cozy. Remember that voids having blocks they’ll help keep things inside, so in addition to the original will be quite comfortable and practical .

In the bedroom

We started with some ideas for the bedroom. One is to create a bedside table with several blocks . Look at the picture below. Two vertical blocks, one horizontal top and table list. Is not that a past? You can play with the placement as you like and leave gaps in your favorite books and decorative objects. For the bed it is also very cool. Put them on the same basis, with a board between the mattress and the blocks, and take advantage of gaps ordered to leave your shoes . It fits any size. Just great!

Decorative Concrete Block design ideas and photos. The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet

Tables and shelves

The living room and office are other rooms where you can enter these concrete blocks. You can create a table using some of them as supports to the board, or make shelves designing a structure completely to your liking and that will fit your requirements of space and organization … Use the holes to make your photos, memories, that with which you want to decorate the room.

Mixture of materials

As you will see below in the gallery images, this material allows you to enter, for example, wood paneling between blocks to make a shelf and give a warmer touch while more compact with the addition of this other material . There are many possibilities.

Paint the blocks

If you do not just convinced decoration concrete, more rustic and industrial, you have the option to paint these blocks some color you like best for your home. It does not take anything to do and you can create combinations of different shades to design a very original furniture.

On the outside

By their nature, concrete is an excellent material for the exterior design of structures. Resists the weather and, therefore, can serve to create a beautiful banks as a basis pallets or planters can build a structure for a vertical garden , or to support your outdoor tables.

Like I said before, now you can multiple pictures with examples of different uses that can give concrete blocks. Remember that by its size and characteristics are very versatile and, therefore, have a lot of decorative possibilities with your imagination know move forward successfully. How do you prefer?

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