Decorating ideas for a rented apartment

Not everyone has a home of their own, many are forced to hire but nevertheless you must not give up owning their own style in decorating a rental apartment. In this post I will give some simple tips and ideas on how you can give your personal touch to your rental home without spending too much or cause problems with the owner.


Mirrors are the best tool to instantly expand any room, plus the advantage of being able to be customized and can be placed anywhere without causing permanent changes to the walls.

Less is more

Small spaces fill quickly, for it seem even more guys. To give amplitude a good technique involves placing a Canvas Hand painted in an open wall instead of several smaller boxes, this deceives the eye and makes the space seem larger.


Give your personal touch to your rental home without spending too much
Paint the walls a light color and transparent coatings used on windows to let in the light of the sun creating a spacious and relaxing.

Adhesives on the wall

Many times the nothing can be an option for some rented apartment, by that’s that adhesives for walls are the best alternative because they are easy to apply and remove in seconds. These allow to cool the place at a time of putting a touch own unique in space without leave a permanent mark.


It can give a fresh air rich with a touch of color in simple, everyday details. You can add color to your rented apartment with paintings, framed photographs and ornaments, or cushions, carpets and light displays.

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