Natural fibers like jute and burlap add an earthy and warm to any room in your home. They are often used as a complement to coastal decor or to get a native image, but these natural elements can be the perfect setting for any room.

With the right accessories, the jute and burlap have the advantage of combining with any decor that you like.

Jute is a natural material made from plant fibers that are braided in long strands. It is thicker than its counterpart, burlap, which is also made from the same fiber.

These materials have become fashionable in recent times and can be found in countless items like carpets, chairs, lampshades, etc.. While most of the jute or burlap is a cream brown, not to overlook the fact that they can be found in different colors and patterns.

The jute adds rich texture to a room in a very subtle way. In this post I show three looks completely different made with natural elements.

Contrast of textures

The best way to complement natural elements is adding shine. This example combines decorative bright metal fittings, cold blue ornaments and geometric prints for a modern look. To complete the setting can add items in neutral colors such as cream on a couch or on a carpet. The glossy black furniture gives a very chic.

Jute Or Burlap materials have become fashionable in recent trends

Gold and warmth

This decoration combines classical charm with a touch of modernity, is complemented by intense and golden hues that complement well with the natural tones of jute or burlap.

Place a jute rug under a sofa and textures added through cushions and curtains. Repeat the prints and colors throughout the room to create a harmonious, plus the addition of white furniture helps offset the warm golden hues in the room.


For the people who like vivid color, this is a great alternative. Select accessories with bold bright prints mixing with natural elements like baskets and rustic wooden items.

A carpet of colors marks the focal point in the room, and accessories to complement it. Avoid placing printed fabrics on the curtains or cushions instead opt for neutral solid colors combined with bold without being too stuffy leave the environment.

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