The sweet tables have become a complement trend for any party. It allows us to offer rich sweets to our guests to enjoy a buffet that also has a nice and fun decoration. Today we can see the sweet tables at birthdays, baby-shower and all kinds of celebrations, but today we will talk about how to create a sweet wedding table.

At weddings there is also room for a great sweet table to go after the invitation. At these sweet tables creates a beautiful decoration that matches the style of the wedding , whether vintage, modern or classic. There are many ways to do them and for this we will give you some guidelines and a little inspiration.

sweet wedding table

One of the things that are more important in a sweet table are the colors that we are going to choose , since everything must be well combined. In a wedding white is always the protagonist, so you usually choose tones that do not stand out too much, in the range of pastels. Soft pinks and blues to give a touch of color, but avoiding colors too flashy. As much in the decoration as in the desserts, it is better to remit to these colors to create a table that goes to match with the wedding and that romantic touch.

Place of the sweet table

The area where we place the sweet table should be visible and accessible. To highlight all the elements is better to have a wall behind, so that we can decorate the background in some detail, such as a garland or flowers. If people can move around, we will have to put things on top of them in another way, from the center outwards. Always take into account the angle from which we will see the table to create your decoration. In some weddings the sweet table is placed in the outside area, in the garden, although everything depends on the space that we have and where we make the wedding.

Order on the sweet table

When arranging the sweets, we must put everything very well because a sweet table enters the eyes. They import the colors and the order so that the table looks nice. Sometimes they make different levels at the table so that it emphasizes for example the main cake or the zone of the sweet drinks. We must also arrange everything with total order, using glass pots and baskets and everything that we find useful. The placement should be perfect and be careful to make the sweet table look nice.

Accessories for the sweet table

The accessories are very important at the sweet table, since they are going to be what gives the nice touch to everything. Sweets can be available in many ways, but today you have to take care of your presentation and nothing better than small accessories to help us. The jars and glass bottles with vintage appearance have become indispensable. In the stores we can also find cartons to assemble and put more candy, as well as straws, napkins or matching dishes. Everything should be well combined in tone to make the table look good. There are even lemonade dispensers and other accessories that may seem interesting.

For the area around the table we can make beautiful garlands , with vintage wooden boxes, romantic-looking cages, balloons and lanterns and create a special decoration for the occasion. These elements will help us give the festive look to everything.

A sweet vintage table

The wedding with vintage airs are very fashionable. So of course we can create a sweet table in this style. Boxes of wood, old objects that we find, glass jars and glass bottles with drinking straws are some ideas. We can also use burlap fabric mixed with white lace to give it a rustic and romantic touch at a time.

Custom sweet table

At weddings they usually customize sweet tables to have a nice memory of this day. Using the initials of the bride and groom to put luminous letters is a great idea, much used, but you can also use a personalized garland to decorate the table. This will give you a more special touch as it will be a unique sweet table.

Light sweet table

If you have to set up a sweet table but we also have to do it for an evening wedding that becomes nocturnal, we will have to worry about its lighting, which is one more factor to add. It is important to use LED lights, as these do not give warmth and will not spoil the sweets. The strings of lights are most appropriate, since they give a slight light and a romantic touch to the table. We can also use funny lanterns or cages in which to put candles to give a special touch to the environment.

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