Color trends for interior decorating

The interior color trend is varied, vibrant and many combinations.In this note we show what are the most attractive for you to have an idea of what shade will work best in your home and get the house so perfect that you desire.

The classics return but so renovated and also some risky choices that can make designing your home stand out.


Metal is a leading interior design trends, and in this sense the bronze tone style is the main paint color for environments. The metal details to help shape and transform a house into a more modernhome. Besides, bronze is perfect for balancing a dark interior.


Modern Neutral colors are making a big splash in paint color trends
Since Pantone chose the color emerald for 2013, different shades of green have been popping up increasingly in fashion and interior design. While emerald is too intense for many of the rooms, you can experiment with light greens, such as the Canadian mint color shades of olive green.
The greenish blues are suitable for some details, but also are excellent options for furniture.


Modern Neutral colors are making a big splash in paint color trends and beige interior is the top of the list. It is a right shade for people who are not fond of bright colors, but be careful with this tone because overuse can make a room look rather bland.

Soft gray

As with the beige, soft grays also require much attention at the time of implementation. It is a tone that perfectly complements the various shades of blue.

Lemon ice cream

It is a tone that can be used on any part of the house by the pleasant glow that unfolds. It mixes easily with other soft colors to create the perfect atmosphere in the living room or bedroom and so enjoy your fresh charm.


This is a strong color that cannot be used to paint an entire room. It is ideal for painting a wall and give impact to the room, while the rest should be kept in neutral tones.

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