Cleaning leather can vary in difficulty – after all, there are different types of method to do so. But often the problems can be mastered with home remedies.

Bags, shoes or sofas made of leather have many advantages, as the material is relatively robust, breathable and impermeable to water. But even leather becomes greasy and unsightly over time – or stains are difficult to hide on light and white leather. So it is good to know that it is relatively easy to clean it with home remedies.

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Fortunately, the natural material leather does not have to be cleaned too often.

Cleaning real leather: this is how it works with detergent

Before you even start cleaning leather, it’s a good idea to get rid of dust and other easy-to- clean debris . This works best with a vacuum cleaner on a sofa or car seat. Garments can be treated well with a soft brush. Then wash real leather – whether it is a bag, shoe or sofa – with distilled water or a neutral soap . This is important because normal tap water could cause white spots to form due to the lime it contains.

If the dirt is a bit more stubborn, add a little grease-dissolving washing-up liquid to the distilled water – just do not use any cleaning agents that are too harsh to avoid damaging the material. Then slowly remove the stain from the outside to the inside so that it does not spread any further. Be careful not to rub too hard. Simple massaging movements should be enough.

Clean smooth leather: Use curd soap

If you want to clean your sofa or an item of clothing with curd soap, you should always make sure that it is slightly foamed. Do not try to rub the leather with dry soap. Then first select an inconspicuous part of the leather where you can test the effect of the curd soap. In general, you should n’t clean the leather extensively and excessively with curd soap – it is better to proceed in stages and let this part dry first before you start the next section. Also, it is better to repeat the process than to dip the surface in too much curd soap.

After you have cleaned the leather with the curd soap, you should grease it with a little care milk or a pure leather grease . Otherwise the curd soap will dry out the material too much.

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Home remedies: How to clean smooth leather from stubborn stains

Tired of greasy stains or soiling on the leather? On top of that, you don’t have a special leather cleaner available at the moment? Then try hair shampoo . Dissolve this in warm water and massage it into the smooth leather. The leather must then dry thoroughly, either on the clothesline or on the sofa and car seat with the window open.

Cleaning synthetic leather: How to tackle stains

Real leather is qualitatively better, but it is all the more expensive. That is why we often buy products made of artificial leather, especially when it comes to clothing. This also needs cleaning every now and then. You can use baby wipes for this. They contain oils that absorb dirt and at the same time donate moisture to the material. You can also use mild detergent that you have dissolved in lukewarm water. With both methods, however, test beforehand on an inconspicuous area whether the material has changed adversely.

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Clean leather with a dirt eraser

A dirt eraser should not be confused with the school eraser. This is namely an open-pored sponge made of melamine resin , which picks up the dirt particles when rubbed on the surface and dissolves at the same time. The dirt eraser becomes a little smaller with every use. But it is very practical, especially with leather: You can simply run it along the soiled stains or dark stripes on light leather and carefully “erase” them. It couldn’t be easier!

How to clean the leather sofa with vinegar and linseed oil

In combination with each other, vinegar and linseed oil make the perfect leather polish. For this you need equal parts of household vinegar and linseed oil – about 300 milliliters of both . Then first boil the linseed oil and let it cool down briefly. Then the vinegar is added and the whole thing is mixed together. Apply the resulting polish to the surface of the sofa with a soft cloth. If you are satisfied with the result, wipe again with a dry cloth until the leather is polished clean.

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