That things are cleaned while you are sleeping peacefully is definitely a good experience. Yes, one way to do this is with a robot that cleans the floor while everyone is asleep, but there are many other ways that you can consider for your home is cleaner than it is now morning. Perhaps now you catch yourself or think that is not possible, but when you keep reading you will be surprised of these remedies.

letting cleaning agents do their work overnight while you sleep

So starting today, you will certainly begin to clean your house also when you sleep, so no excuse for every corner of your house is not perfectly clean. Aim! Do not miss the following tips to clean and spotless leave some corners of your home.

The shower head

Have you noticed how the shower head in your bathroom is full of lime and begins to be unpleasant to look at her? Mineral deposits can also clog a head showered and affect your blood pressure over time. You may think you have to change the shower head because it has been damaged, but the reality is that it is too dirty, but not broken.

To clean, you can fill a plastic bag with vinegar and place the bag around the shower head and leave it submerged in the liquid. Ensures that the bag is securely attached to the neck of the shower head with a strip or wire tied and let the vinegar act overnight. Vinegar end the accumulation of minerals and you can check it in the morning.

House cleaning product Clean your oven while you sleep with this 3-step hack

Remove stains from pots and pans

If you have dirty pans and pots then it is time to clean them at night to the next day you can use it again without problems. You only have to put in the bottom of the pot or pan a little warm water. Take some soap to wash dishes and allowed to act overnight. In the morning you can easily clean it with a sponge.

Cleaning your house Cooking grids

If you have a butane gas stove (and not have a hob) may be somewhat tedious to clean for you. When you cook in the kitchen of gas and fatty foods splash, they stain the grids and harden. But for you much easier cleaning, before going to bed seals each burner in a large plastic bag with a quarter cup of ammonia. The next morning will be much easier to clean with just a sponge.

Remove moisture from the sofa

Maybe your couch (or maybe your carpet or upholstery of a chair) has become the victim of a repulsive and humid (vomit or urine) disaster. To remove that stain while you sleep, you have to mix water and baking soda and soak all the stain with this mixture. Use a spoon to spread the paste all over the soiled area and do not leave any centimeter. Let dry overnight and when you get up in the morning, you can vacuuming. He’ll be like again the next day and odor!

Cleaning your house Remove wine stains

If you have been unlucky enough to spot some wine home textile, you have to just spray the stain with salt and cover with sparkling mineral water. The salt absorbs the stain while the carbonation partner and helps her up. Leave on overnight and in the morning remove it with a brush.

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