Ideas to decorate with pineapples: a very tropical trend

frame a pineapple and hang it alone or in the company of other sheets as a grid

Well yeah, even if it seems a bit uncommon, we had not yet posted a post with ideas to decorate with pineapples , a very seasonal trend now that takes everything so tropical. So let’s remedy it right now by dedicating today’s post to this refreshing fruit. If you are attracted to this world of … Read moreIdeas to decorate with pineapples: a very tropical trend

Decorating with Cement Blocks: DIY Ideas that You Will Love

The most common is to use them to plant small shoots, herbs or plants that you want to protect in the holes

Decorating with cement blocks has become another great alternative to give an industrial style to the home, that trend of decoration that has been sticking very hard and is based on mixing materials such as wood, metal or concrete. And sometimes, it happens that we have concrete or concrete blocks at home that we have … Read moreDecorating with Cement Blocks: DIY Ideas that You Will Love

Aquarium Decorations: Decoration with Fish

The decoration with fish is an idea that is understood childish, how to change this? If you like a sailor style or you just like the sea

Now that the summer is approaching, we can make a small renovation in our home adding marine details in our decoration. That is why, in this article we will talk about decoration with fish and Aquarium Decorations, so that we can make these necessary changes for this time of year. Do not miss out on this … Read moreAquarium Decorations: Decoration with Fish

Tips for cleaning with natural products

Most of the time the disasters that we must clean in the kitchen or other wings of the home can be solved with products that we have in our cabinets

Household cleaning does not necessarily have to involve harmful and unnatural products. Many times in our own cabinets, we have natural products that help cleaning. These products can be more effective than those cleansers that abound on supermarket shelves and buy at a high price without knowing what they contain. Most of the time the … Read moreTips for cleaning with natural products

How to Clean Glassware: Removing Stains and Labels

Even in the daily cleaning of your glassware, you should protect all glasses using the proper techniques to remove dirt and prevent the formation of blemishes

Beautiful and shiny and clean glassware crockery can give life to the environment. But over time, water and soap residue can leave your surface dull. Fortunately, there are many methods to get rid of these blemishes and to remove the adhesive labels from containers and cups in an uncomplicated way. Here are some tips for … Read moreHow to Clean Glassware: Removing Stains and Labels

5 Tips for a Room Decoration to look bigger

five useful tips for decorating rooms with few square meters

Decorating any room in the home is always a challenge, because there are many things to consider. Yes, the challenge is even greater if it is a room with few square meters, something very common in homes today. Fortunately, many furniture manufacturers and designers offering ideal pieces of furniture to save space. Furthermore, we can … Read more5 Tips for a Room Decoration to look bigger

Collection Zara Home for Christmas 2016

Metallic Festivities, a collection in which the predominant silver

Perhaps it will seem too early to start thinking about Christmas but it is important that you consider that as the holidays go closer, you will have more things to do. So the sooner you put yourself to think about decorating your home the less haste and stress you have during the last weeks of … Read moreCollection Zara Home for Christmas 2016