How to Clean Dirty Shutters and Encrusted blinds

Products for cleaning exterior and interior blinds

One of the home jobs that costs the most to carry out inside our home is to clean the window blinds. It gives a lot of laziness and is usually left for good weather, but there is no choice but to do so from time to time. It is true that the more you leave … Read moreHow to Clean Dirty Shutters and Encrusted blinds

The best trick to clean stainless steel

A person cleaning the kitchen sink with a glove The plates and utensils must be cleaned right after we use

Stainless steel products surround our lives, being present in all types of rooms and objects. One of its most outstanding qualities is that it is very easy to maintain. This does not mean that you do not need regular care. The more we hit the way to clean the stainless steel, the more we ensure … Read moreThe best trick to clean stainless steel

Tips for cleaning with natural products

Most of the time the disasters that we must clean in the kitchen or other wings of the home can be solved with products that we have in our cabinets

Household cleaning does not necessarily have to involve harmful and unnatural products. Many times in our own cabinets, we have natural products that help cleaning. These products can be more effective than those cleansers that abound on supermarket shelves and buy at a high price without knowing what they contain. Most of the time the … Read moreTips for cleaning with natural products

10 mistakes to avoid when cleaning the house

Brush the toilet and sanitize the seat with a cloth soaked in a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar.

Cleaning the house involves issues that many people do not even know. In the quest to get rid of dirt quickly and efficiently, mistakes are made and irreversible problems happen. The use of steel sponges, for example, on metal surfaces is not recommended by experts and manufacturers, as the abrasive product can ruin the materials. … Read more10 mistakes to avoid when cleaning the house

Using ammonia to Remove odors of bad smell

wipe it clean using the ammonia and a few drops of dishwashing liquid diluted

Many people when they clean your home can not lack ammonia to achieve good results in cleaning and disinfection. So ammonia may be one of the star products for household cleaning. Companies know this and like the smell of this product is so unpleasant now and can find more “pleasant” and fragrant smells to prevent … Read moreUsing ammonia to Remove odors of bad smell

Cleaning the house while you sleep

House cleaning product Clean your oven while you sleep with this 3-step hack

That things are cleaned while you are sleeping peacefully is definitely a good experience. Yes, one way to do this is with a robot that cleans the floor while everyone is asleep, but there are many other ways that you can consider for your home is cleaner than it is now morning. Perhaps now you … Read moreCleaning the house while you sleep

How to clean wool carpet stains at home

Wool Carpet cleaning and care guide

We imagine that by now you’ve removed the carpets from hiding, right? No wonder at all, since these elements provide a tremendous feeling of warmth, especially if they are made with materials like wool. Or you do not enjoy to get out of bed or sofa with bare feet and feel his touch? As if … Read moreHow to clean wool carpet stains at home

Cleaning walls of different materials

bathroom cleaning tips for the eager and reluctant Kings and Queens of the loo

When we manage to perform various tasks of cleaning walls in the house, we focus on the most obvious and we can overlook areas, still just as important, do not require such frequent maintenance. But that does not mean there is not clean. A clear example is the walls. As also they can be of … Read moreCleaning walls of different materials

Homemade Household Cleaners and Cleaning Products

Safe, non-toxic formulas, techniques and products for cleaning in your home

Having the assurance that our home is clean and disinfected effectively fails, necessarily, for letting us a fortune in buying cleaning Products. In fact, this new trend in favor of sustainability and environmental conservation that is being imposed in recent years, is inclined to recommend that homemade ingredients are used to make our own detergent. … Read moreHomemade Household Cleaners and Cleaning Products

Household Cleaning Products and Cleaning Supplies

largest collects thorium cleaning products

Cleaning products for both professional cleaning or Industrial form as household cleaning is a basic need of vital importance, since they offer both effectiveness and efficiency in cleaning and maintenance. Its applications range from products Cleaning classics such as detergents and soaps, to more specific products such as degreasers and sanitizers, or floor or laundry … Read moreHousehold Cleaning Products and Cleaning Supplies