Leroy Merlin: terrace and garden catalog 2016

you can also choose to buy individual pieces of furniture

Are you looking forward to a good time to start enjoying your terrace or garden? Well you’re lucky, because the spring is just around the corner. However, before the temperatures start to rise, you must get down to work with the conditioning of these outdoor spaces of your home, making the pieces of furniture and … Read more

Stylish and Low cost Wooden Chairs for Outdoor Garden

The chairs can have different designs

The garden, terrace or any other outdoor space of housing deserves special consideration for chairs: those elements that will help us both to decorate as to relax. If you are looking for the seats or more functional garden seats, here you can meet some of them. Keep in mind that they should be comfortable furniture, … Read more

The importance of sofa in your home decor

really comfortable sofa in your home decor

We are used to the couch protagonist form part of the decoration of the room, but sometimes hard to imagine in other rooms such as the bedroom. While it is true that the sofa is key in decorating the room, so you can include in other rooms such as the aforementioned bedroom, hall, living room … Read more

Decorating Rooms for warm and modern environment

Transparent furniture little notice and often are a great choice for decorating your living room

These ideas will give you are great to implement in our home for a nice warm and modern environment. The first thing to consider to decorate a small room is to highlight the colors, lighting and furniture arrangement for a beautiful family space. In a small room it is very important that you maintain order … Read more

Upholstered headboards upholstered style

small detail that get completely revamp the image projected your bedroom

The vintage style is going strong in the world of decoration, which you can find many articles that get retro vibe as defendant. As regards to the bedroom, the most significant element of this trend is the headboard, which shows as tufted upholstery that is totally charming and characteristic. Today we will see 3 different … Read more

Aluminum furniture for kitchen

The aluminum designs are more functional, currently offering multiple utilities in one cabinet

The aluminum furniture for kitchen is one of the innovations in the use of materials for the production of contemporary kitchens. The aluminum designs are more functional, currently offering multiple utilities in one cabinet, besides appearing in this material that is highly resistant and shiny. Among its stresses qualities the high resistance to water, prevent … Read more