The elegance of wooden decoration

The good thing about these floors to decorate a room is that when you get bored of the decor and its colors

As we all know wood never goes out of style, because it is quite elegant; it is never possible to decorate a room without beautiful wooden floors that combine quite well almost with all kinds of furniture. You just have to choose what kind of wood you want and start putting it and a good … Read moreThe elegance of wooden decoration

The terrazzo for modern decoration and renovations

Given its hardness and low maintenance, the natural habitat of the terrazzo will remain the pavements

Yes, even if you still do not believe it and you rub your eyes as if it were a nightmare, the terrazzo as material will become furor next year and you will end up seeing it in the soup. What is terrazzo? The terrazzo is a composite of hardened cement on the surface of which … Read moreThe terrazzo for modern decoration and renovations

Ideas for Decorating With Artificial Flowers

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, we leave you a selection of artificial flowers of the most decorative

It is spring, flowers sprout, the heat begins and allergies emerge. An ideal time to fill all the corners of the house with color. And although we have already talked about flowers as a decorative element, today we are going to focus specifically on how to decorate with artificial flowers. And who, who has not … Read moreIdeas for Decorating With Artificial Flowers

A Modern Style Fireplace

The main structure is made in double lining, for greater efficiency in the air conditioning.

It is the turn of presenting models of modern style chimney ┬áthat stand out for its designs of net lines and its elegance, becoming one more piece of the decoration of interiors. Chimneys and radiators become undisputed protagonists in times of cold weather, are the tool par excellence to mitigate the low temperatures of winter … Read moreA Modern Style Fireplace

Advantages of Resin Shower Trays

The Advantages Of Having Shower Trays

Are you thinking of changing the shower tray ? In that case you may be interested in buying a resin , as it is a substance full of advantages. They are an increasingly popular alternative to acrylics, porcelain or steel. Of course, you have to walk with feet of lead because there may be important … Read moreAdvantages of Resin Shower Trays

Using ammonia to Remove odors of bad smell

wipe it clean using the ammonia and a few drops of dishwashing liquid diluted

Many people when they clean your home can not lack ammonia to achieve good results in cleaning and disinfection. So ammonia may be one of the star products for household cleaning. Companies know this and like the smell of this product is so unpleasant now and can find more “pleasant” and fragrant smells to prevent … Read moreUsing ammonia to Remove odors of bad smell

Cleaning the house while you sleep

House cleaning product Clean your oven while you sleep with this 3-step hack

That things are cleaned while you are sleeping peacefully is definitely a good experience. Yes, one way to do this is with a robot that cleans the floor while everyone is asleep, but there are many other ways that you can consider for your home is cleaner than it is now morning. Perhaps now you … Read moreCleaning the house while you sleep

Ideas for decorating with mirrors

Mirror doors and sliding panels Mirrors amplify the spaces visually

Mirrors are decorative elements in every home. If only in the bathroom, no house in which there is not any place. But you can give many decorative profits beyond this and, therefore, today we propose several ideas for decorating with mirrors, you’ll see some that you might not have happened and perhaps will serve as … Read moreIdeas for decorating with mirrors

Tips protocol on the Christmas table

homemade christmas table decorations

During the Christmas holidays, the table is the undisputed star. He is responsible for welcoming our guests and we must decorate it as it deserves. Generally, we tend to worry about the menu and drinks, neglecting some key aspects. In Nice Home DIY blog we are waiting for all and therefore we have prepared this … Read moreTips protocol on the Christmas table

The best tiles for the kitchen

Best Kitchen Tile Designs design ideas and photos. The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet

Are you thinking about reforming your kitchen? So arm yourself with patience! And there are many things you have to decide: furniture, flooring, countertops, appliances, textiles. Do not you think we are forgetting an important aspect? In fact! You must also choose the ideal covering for your walls. Today there are many possibilities, such as … Read moreThe best tiles for the kitchen