you can also choose to buy individual pieces of furniture

Leroy Merlin: terrace and garden catalog 2016

Are you looking forward to a good time to start enjoying your terrace or garden? Well you’re lucky, because the spring is just around the corner. However, before the temperatures start to rise, you must get down to work with the conditioning of these outdoor spaces of your home, making the pieces of furniture and Read more about Leroy Merlin: terrace and garden catalog 2016[…]

It is important to note that after flowering should reduce risks for the plant to rest for the winter and bloom again strongly in the next season

Indoor hanging plants: the COLUMNEA

The COLUMNEA stands out in the world of Indoor hanging plants spectacle due to their masses of flowers orange-red overflowing hanging baskets in the spring and summer, and fish resembling “goldfish”, name which is also popularly used to refer to this beautiful plant genus. Most of the 160 species of COLUMNEA are native to tropical Read more about Indoor hanging plants: the COLUMNEA[…]

The vision of the stone frame the beauty of vegetation, especially if you make a correct selection among garden plants

Gardens decorated with stones

In the decoration of gardens natural elements are perfect for designing harmonious decorations, anything that comes from nature will be an outdoor space perfect for recreating the natural atmosphere ideal for a relaxing moment. The gardens decorated with stones offer the possibility of focus points which highlight the tasteful design and exterior decoration. Like garden Read more about Gardens decorated with stones[…]

The pots and planters are a very important element when placed both houseplants as foreign

Landscape Ideas: Ornamental Plants

In the decoration of interior and exterior home plants is an item you cannot miss. To highlight a setting and wear a corner of the house the decorative ornamental plants are perfect item, as well as for exterior designs where style and warmth of the garden will be given by the design and distribution of Read more about Landscape Ideas: Ornamental Plants[…]

Garden lighting gathering energy from sunlight and converts it into electricity

Solar Rocks For Garden Lighting And Renewable Energy

At present the use of solar energy is booming for several reasons, mainly because it is renewable energy and contributes to caring for the planet, but also it is a nice way to save money, avoid unsightly wires and potential problems with conventional electricity. The accessories and items that are sold today have reliable systems Read more about Solar Rocks For Garden Lighting And Renewable Energy[…]

How to make a vertical garden in your home

How to do a Vertical garden: DIY Home Garden

The vertical garden, wall or panel of cultivation, are gardens that are planted vertically on a wall using elements such as glass fiber coconut fiber substrate for plants to take root and grow roots. These types of gardens are very similar to hydroponic gardens, in which the fertilizer is supplied to the plants by nutrients Read more about How to do a Vertical garden: DIY Home Garden[…]