Aromatic Plants: The Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Citratus)

The lemon grass grows and grows best in full sun to give a better flavor and aromatic power with more than eight hours a day of direct sunlight

The lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) is a species belonging to the family of grasses, native to Asia and Africa, which are attributed digestive properties, pharyngeal anti-inflammatory, sedative and antacid, as well as serving as a culinary spice and insect repellent. It is a herbaceous, perennial, aromatic and robust plant that can be grown in the … Read moreAromatic Plants: The Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Citratus)

Tips to reinforce the safety of a swimming pool

The pool covers have a similar mission, since they are tarpaulins that are placed above the surface occupied by the water to prevent children

The arrival of good weather invites us to enjoy the swimming pool. Those who are lucky enough to have one at home know that it is a precious commodity during the summer months, but they are also aware that safety should be reinforced to the maximum to avoid disappointment, especially if there are children at … Read moreTips to reinforce the safety of a swimming pool

Keys to decorate the perfect porch

With regard to materials and fabrics, it is convenient to choose materials from the region where our home is located

Outdoor spaces are for living and sharing, with family or friends, especially during the summer. We know it and for that reason we want to share with you some secrets that will help you get the most out of your porch.┬áThe style, the plants, the materials, the distribution, the choice of the environments … Take … Read moreKeys to decorate the perfect porch

Decor with beautiful modern wall stickers

Complement the vinyls of trees in the living room or in the bedrooms of the house, with each of the shades you impose around

Decorating the different spaces of the house, from vinyls is an excellent option, but it is much more pleasant and with a touch touch, apply vinyls of trees, wall stickers within any area around. Installing these wall stickers designs on any of the walls of the house, it allows you to persuade a face of … Read moreDecor with beautiful modern wall stickers

Biodegradable bags are not always environmentally friendly

Biodegradable bags may take time to decompose and conditions required for it, often becomes the alternative of bioplastic in a halfway solution

The problem of plastic waste pollution of ecosystems seemed to be resolved through new biodegradable materials that are beginning to be used for this purpose. However, experts warn of this, warning us that they are not always a solution. The crux of the matter lies in the very concept of biodegradability, i.e. the ability of … Read moreBiodegradable bags are not always environmentally friendly

Leroy Merlin: terrace and garden catalog 2016

you can also choose to buy individual pieces of furniture

Are you looking forward to a good time to start enjoying your terrace or garden? Well you’re lucky, because the spring is just around the corner. However, before the temperatures start to rise, you must get down to work with the conditioning of these outdoor spaces of your home, making the pieces of furniture and … Read moreLeroy Merlin: terrace and garden catalog 2016

Ideas to decorate a lounge in vintage decor

Use antiques , inherited accessories, purchased at flea markets or vintage shops

The return of vintage trends both in fashion and decoration. Environments that look to the past to retrieve the most chic decorating ideas from other eras. If you want to give an old and charming style to your living room, do not miss the selection of ideas that we have prepared for you today. Notes … Read moreIdeas to decorate a lounge in vintage decor

Tips for a relaxing effect on your bedroom

The most important advantage of scented candles is that you can buy at different supermarkets and affordable prices

Many people find it a bit difficult to relax in the bedroom. For this, today I prepared some tips for a relaxing effect in your bedroom, so you can leave out Room stress and rest well at night. Use scented candles To create a relaxing atmosphere in any bedroom is perfect the use of scented … Read moreTips for a relaxing effect on your bedroom