Carpet collection for autumn-winter 2015-2016

We have left behind the summer, so unfortunately we have no other to say goodbye to the beach, the pool and beach bars, and welcome to low temperatures, rain and evenings of film and blanket. To enter the coldest time of the year in the best way possible, NiceHomeDIY suggest you make small changes in the decor, such as changing bed linen, opting for warm autumnal colors and fabrics; you incorporate natural elements typical of the time (branches, leaves, pumpkins …), you replace your cushion covers for a warm colors …

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Of course, you should also take your carpets hiding. And these elements not only provide a decorative touch to the rooms, but that provide a sense of warmth highly recommended for this time of year. When temperatures begin to fall you would appreciate my feet back on the ground and feel the soft carpet. If you have to renew your carpet or you want to introduce in any room of your home, we recommend you do not miss the Carpet Collection for autumn-winter 2015-2016. You’ll love it!

From countries with tradition

This fall-winter 2015-2016 Carpet Collection will have very easy to renew your carpets as NiceHomeDIY just released a catalog full of designs that are comfortable even in the price. Yes! Yes! As you are reading! According counted, they were brought from the countries with more tradition in the creation of these works of art, such as Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. This is the result of an ancient craft that has been passed from generation to generation.


One advantage of the carpets of the English Court on many others is that they are delivered to the company address. Furthermore, they cleaned and can even restore with expert and specialized personnel. For this service you should consult the departments of Home Create shopping centers. Moreover, you should know that if you go to any establishment of the company will receive advice from specialized staff so you can find the best carpet for you.

A variety of mats

Within the new catalog of rugs you can find a variety of models. We especially like their designs 100% handmade wool, as well as being super hot , we look most beautiful. Also very funny Indian rugs inspired in the famous festival of colors Holi Festival, which is characterized by the delicate harmony of color and nice textures. For its part, the Dhurri carpets, geometric and floral, are extremely decorative. Also you find contemporary designs in romantic colors in cold, autumnal, essential tones with a discrete geometry in neutral tones …

How could it be otherwise, in the collection you’ll also find carpets of skin naturally, although they are slightly more expensive, are the most colorful and high quality. Moreover, as we’ve said before, they offer carpets from distant places: Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India …

Custom Carpets

In case none of their proposals convince you, they also offers the possibility of designing your custom carpet. You can choose the quality, color, size … In this way, you will achieve a completely personal environment. Here we leave our gallery where you’ll find the new carpet catalog of the English Court in full. Do not miss it!

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