Good shower: Keys to a relaxing, practical and stylish decor

The materials are very important in a relaxing bath room

It is the pending subject in many homes. And no wonder, since the relaxing bathroom shower is one of the most difficult rooms to decorate and furnish. Although what should most concern is the functionality, this does not mean we should neglect the aesthetics. Separate toilet area personal care Neglecting the decoration of this space … Read more

A mountain cabin: rustic decor and winter

it is the best choice for winter decoration

In winter we spend more time at home. The time invites you to enjoy our warm home, sheltered from a comfortable and cozy decor. Therefore, our house must be prepared for those long winter days be truly unforgettable. Like in the movies or novels that portray the traditional mountain cottage, surrounded by a winter stamp … Read more

Errors in the decoration of double bedrooms

Enter decorative objects that interfere with the rest

Nobody is born taught, so it’s normal that when decorating the different rooms of the home less expert commit some mistakes. Of course, keep in mind that some of these mistakes are difficult to solve and in many cases remedy is a big investment. So in nicehomediy I’ve already talked about the most typical when decorating … Read more