Industrial-style cottage in California

Because all of the historic details were removed, we felt free to re-create the house in the industrial-cottage style we liked

Today we moved to the US to meet one of those houses. We refer to houses that combine totally different styles successfully. We are referring to the Mill Valley Courtyard Residence, an industrial-style cottage designed by architect Aidlin Darling and interior designers Weir Collins Studio. Located in Mill Valley, California, housing fuses industrial spirit with … Read more

Cleaning walls of different materials

bathroom cleaning tips for the eager and reluctant Kings and Queens of the loo

When we manage to perform various tasks of cleaning walls in the house, we focus on the most obvious and we can overlook areas, still just as important, do not require such frequent maintenance. But that does not mean there is not clean. A clear example is the walls. As also they can be of … Read more

Homemade Household Cleaners and Cleaning Products

Safe, non-toxic formulas, techniques and products for cleaning in your home

Having the assurance that our home is clean and disinfected effectively fails, necessarily, for letting us a fortune in buying cleaning Products. In fact, this new trend in favor of sustainability and environmental conservation that is being imposed in recent years, is inclined to recommend that homemade ingredients are used to make our own detergent. … Read more

Internet Refrigerators or Smart Refrigerators

Refrigerators are joining the latest advances in having a “Smart” home with appliances that connect to the Internet

A refrigerator to suggest recipes based on the ingredients listed (which are what we have at home), allowing you to tweets, it warns of the expiry of perishable foods and allows you to listen to music. Although it seems straight out of a science fiction movie, refrigerators with Internet are already a reality for at … Read more

How to choose the right ceiling tiles Minimalist ceilings

Ceiling tiles are used for decorative ceilings and are manufactured and sold in many different materials, sizes and thicknesses varying from metal

In the seasons present, the various aspects of home can be improved and even the ceilings can accommodate the decorated you have set, you can even decide on minimalist ceilings that make a difference with conventional homes, keeping the determined countenance and providing better benefits of showiness. Each of the models minimalist ceilings kept in … Read more

Fantastic retro lounges

Find Great Prices on Chaise Lounges in Many Styles, Fabrics & Colors

It’s time to captivate your guests with quality decorative imposed in retro rooms and is home with sophistication and personality, you can set them positively, seen from all possible angles. These ornamental types are part of today and is essential to elucidate to a vintage feel a certain kind of decoration, ideal for lovers of … Read more