How to repair scratches on the parquet

the scratch is deeper and waxes not return an optimal result

The wooden floors are chosen by many people indoors, but have the disadvantage that may be susceptible to scratches or scrapes that deteriorate the material. To do this, it is best to put into practice some care, for example, avoid carrying sharp objects or furniture and protect the legs of sofas, tables and chairs with … Read more

What is the technique of Decoupage

The technique of decoupage is decorating a pasting paper cut with different patterns on the object

If you are thinking of throwing old furniture… do not fall into that mistake! The idea of ​​renovating furniture and give them a second chance every time is something that is more common among people, and the protection of the environment must be everyone’s business. Also, if you understand what is the technique of decoupage … Read more

Stylish and Low cost Wooden Chairs for Outdoor Garden

The chairs can have different designs

The garden, terrace or any other outdoor space of housing deserves special consideration for chairs: those elements that will help us both to decorate as to relax. If you are looking for the seats or more functional garden seats, here you can meet some of them. Keep in mind that they should be comfortable furniture, … Read more